Guardians of the Galaxy 2: Electric Boogaloo

Guardians of the Galaxy 2: 2 Galaxy, 2 Guarded is Marvel’s most recent experiment in whether or not a film can be carried entirely on character chemistry and charisma. The answer is basically yes. Guardians is another in a long chain of excellent Marvel movies (please disregard Thor 2, and The Incredible Hulk).

We pick up after the last one; The Guardians consisting of: Andy Dwyer ‘Starlord’ Spaceman, Green ‘Gamora’ Uhura, Dave Bautista (Drax), Rocket “I treat my last name as a racial slur” Racoon, and the adorable Baby Groot (with I hope still Vin Diesel doing the lines), are a semi dysfunctional ‘family’ of bounty hunters. Unique among the Marvel cinematic universe in that they are not heroes, simply mercenaries/bounty hunters that also happen to be generally ‘good’ people, defined by their general wish for the galaxy not to die/be enslaved/explode/etc. I think ‘good’ is exclusively defined by their inclination to fight galaxy ending threats as opposed to fleeing from them.


Special Guest appearances of the Blue Badasses and the Feelings Bug

The beginning starts with them doing a protection gig, and then stealing the thing they were protecting, thus pissing people off. That is a spoiler for the first 20 minutes of the movie, you will live. In the process of fleeing, they meet Ego, played by the always-wonderful Kurt Russell, who is basically playing his role from Tron, who as per the trailer introduces himself as Starlord’s Father, and a god (Celestial). Yondu (no idea how to spell this) is there, so is Nebula, and they add the bug girl (Mantis) from the trailer, who all try to stop bad things from happening.

The Plot is pretty standard comic book fare: big bad, a few twists, team ups and one liners, and is generally enjoyable to watch, but the fun is always in the characters and the action. The action was really interesting in this movie purely because of what they didn’t show. The scenes were huge, colourful, and pretty, always action packed and well choreographed, and for some reason spent the majority of their time focussed on non action elements. Now don’t get me wrong, I love this. There is an extended sequence in the beginning of baby Groot dancing while a massive fight goes on in the background and it’s hilarious, but it does happen a lot. There is a conscious effort to throw off the build up in major fight scenes to maintain a casual atmosphere to fit the vibe of the movie, and it is fascinating to watch play out.


‘Aww’ I think, as the muffled explosions punctuate the background

I think it’s a good movie, but if you are feeling a bit saturated with Marvel movies, then this might be a good one to watch on a plane, or wait until it shows up on Netflix.


But Here’s the Thing:

General points: Rocket = Yondu = great, Yondu = Mary Poppins = phenomenal, Kurt Russell = David Hasselhoff = hilarious. I think Drax had too many lines – his character is better when he speaks less (not that his lines weren’t great, it was just too much). Sylvester Stallone is in this movie.


Who’s your Daddy?

I am getting very worried that I may be getting tired of Marvel movies and that scares me. I don’t think they are bad, on the contrary I think they are excellent, but I’m finding it hard to maintain enthusiasm as they roll out movie after excellent movie. Each movie has the same general theme of redemption, and the tone of casual snark, which I do so enjoy. Their characters are human, their decisions are rational, their wit is dry, and they are all starting to blur together. It has been 3 days since I’ve seen this movie and I think I remember more of Rogue One, and that’s a real shame.

I don’t know what I would do if I went to a Marvel movie and found myself too jaded/saturated to really enjoy it. I feel like that would be a profoundly sad day. This movie wasn’t that, but I could feel it getting closer. I might need to go watch some more DC movies to remind myself how good the Marvel ones really are.



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