Destiny 2 Beta


At 8:30 pm I began the Destiny 2 open beta. At 9:30 pm I finished the Destiny 2 open beta. All of it. Besides the multiplayer/non-story content which I am not counting as gameplay hours. It was a 30 minute prologue, and then a 30 minute strike mission.

I wrote a long piece on Destiny 1 here that talked about the concept of 1 year games. Destiny 1 was a 1 year game, it launched with dismally little content, and needed DLC additions over the next year to get it to a reasonable length for what was advertised. I had hoped the Destiny 2 Beta would convince me that that was no longer the case with the series. It did not.

“That’s not very long. Also, I’m pretty sure that’s called a demo” –Thomas on either the beta or his sex life.


Our 3 main NPCs, Nathan Fillion (Center) and Co.

We begin with our lovable trio of head honchos, well with the one lovable one voiced by Nathon Fillion, and the other two. Keade is Nathan Fillion and thus the best, and the other two are Zavala, defense man, and Witch Lady of Anger, anger witch. They are exchanging banter and calmly noting that all the sentries outside the wall seem to MIA. That’s odd they think, maybe its that thunder storm. “What about the satellites?”  “No signal.” “Oh well that’s oka…” “I mean no signal, they’re gone.”  They said this as if there shouldn’t be massive fucking alarm bells going off as soon as the satellites’ disappeared. What kind of city defense is this? Like they just built a wall (in a world with space ships) and figured that was enough.

Anyway, the Cabal (the big bad guys from the last game, and by that I mean physically large) attack them. The level itself is you returning to this shit show and trying to help. You play as nameless super hunter, presumably to be replaced with your character from Destiny 1 imported to Destiny 2. Your character for the Beta starts at level 20 (I really hope that’s not the level cap, again), with all 200 damage weapons. And you never progress from there (as far as I can tell). You do get loot, but it’s all equal damage weapons and armour, so just aesthetics and shooting style, nothing really performance impacting.

3Even the villain is just disappointed

You fight through. Attack a ship, get the shit kicked out of you, and that’s it for the prologue. You then appear in orbit and get 3 options: multiplayer, quick multiplayer, or a strike mission (a raid). The strike was fun, though if I’m honest I had a really hard time figuring out what was different from Destiny 1, besides a new Cabal enemy or 2. And that’s all they put out in the beta, I hope to god there is more in the

Unfortunately this felt like an expansion to me, not a sequel. Unless its reviews are spectacular I won’t be buying this at launch. (EDIT: Apparently Gamestop is selling themed fidget spinners so maybe…)

4Hey look, crashing and burning, meta


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