6 Games to Help Destroy Your Relationship

Valentine’s Day has passed - I spent mine eating cookies, watching Gintama, and playing Divinity: Original Sin. It was a wonderful evening, and it made me realise that I actually have a pretty good repository of co-op games to play with your significant other. Not included on this list is Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime,... Continue Reading →


I Actually Liked Baywatch

I am clearly in the small minority but I actually enjoyed Baywatch (2017). It was goofy, fun, and true to its shitty shitty source material. You can’t make a “good” Baywatch, that would just be an entirely different movie. You can take extremely pretty people, put them in bathing suits, and have them run places.... Continue Reading →

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

This was actually just where they found Mark Hamill I almost wish this was the last Star Wars movie. It legitimately hurts me to say that, but it’s true. This movie isn’t good. It’s fun, it’s pretty, but it is an absolute mess. I did like a lot of scenes in it and enjoyed it... Continue Reading →

Super Mario Odyssey

This one really was a Journey. Get it? Like an odyssey, but a no Greek. This is the second best game of the year for me, the other being Breath of the Wild. It’s possible that Nintendo may have finally sold their soul and returned to form. To be fair their ‘form’ was when I... Continue Reading →

Stranger Things Season 2

I have to say I’ve seen Stranger Things… 2. Given the choice of going to a Halloween party or staying in to binge watch Stranger Things, I checked first to see if it was a trap. The offer seemed to be legitimate (I am a lucky man), so we settled in for a long night.... Continue Reading →

Hitman’s Bodyguard

Not the only dick joke I saw two movies this week, a smart one and a dumb one - I’m writing about the dumb one. Logan Lucky is truly an excellent film (if a bit slow to start). It’s basically Ocean’s 7-11, and if you liked the Ocean’s movies then go see that one. I... Continue Reading →

Don’t see the Emoji Movie

This movie is not enjoyable on any level, do not watch. God has forsaken the Emoji movie, in more ways than one. I watched this, don’t watch this. It does not cross the line into cult status; it’s just bad, really bad. I’m going to talk about all the crap that happened, and it may... Continue Reading →

Destiny 2 Beta

At 8:30 pm I began the Destiny 2 open beta. At 9:30 pm I finished the Destiny 2 open beta. All of it. Besides the multiplayer/non-story content which I am not counting as gameplay hours. It was a 30 minute prologue, and then a 30 minute strike mission. I wrote a long piece on Destiny... Continue Reading →

One Year Games

Pay me! Total War Warhammer 2 was just put up for pre-order on steam. Normally I would tell you all not to pre-order on principle, but this one is special. Total War Warhammer, along with Destiny, are 1 year release games. No longer is simply pre-ordering equivalent to paying for goods before they are delivered.... Continue Reading →

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