This was Incredible(s) 2

Yes You should see Incredibles 2: it is good, and it is worth watching. No it is not as good as Incredibles 1, but it is close. It is smooth, fun, well put together and has all that Pixar goodness, including a tear-jerking opening short about overprotective mothers set in Toronto. Important Note: Do not... Continue Reading →


Pokémon Quest: Quest for why This is on the Switch

Something something gift horse – Carson Pokémon released a brand new game yesterday, suddenly and without warning, along with an announcement of Lets Go Pikachu and Lets Go Eevee, both of which look really good (trailer). The game they released however is Pokémon Quest. I am currently playing Pokémon Quest. I mean right now, this... Continue Reading →

Pacific Rim Uprising

This is the core Jaeger team in order of usefulness in a fight (from left to right) Pacific Rim 2 is as stupid as it deserves to be, and I love it. It’s giant robots fighting monsters and just sheer campy crap as a backdrop - that’s all it is. If that’s what you went... Continue Reading →

I Actually Liked Baywatch

I am clearly in the small minority but I actually enjoyed Baywatch (2017). It was goofy, fun, and true to its shitty shitty source material. You can’t make a “good” Baywatch, that would just be an entirely different movie. You can take extremely pretty people, put them in bathing suits, and have them run places.... Continue Reading →

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

This was actually just where they found Mark Hamill I almost wish this was the last Star Wars movie. It legitimately hurts me to say that, but it’s true. This movie isn’t good. It’s fun, it’s pretty, but it is an absolute mess. I did like a lot of scenes in it and enjoyed it... Continue Reading →

Super Mario Odyssey

This one really was a Journey. Get it? Like an odyssey, but a no Greek. This is the second best game of the year for me, the other being Breath of the Wild. It’s possible that Nintendo may have finally sold their soul and returned to form. To be fair their ‘form’ was when I... Continue Reading →

Stranger Things Season 2

I have to say I’ve seen Stranger Things… 2. Given the choice of going to a Halloween party or staying in to binge watch Stranger Things, I checked first to see if it was a trap. The offer seemed to be legitimate (I am a lucky man), so we settled in for a long night.... Continue Reading →

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