6 Games to Help Destroy Your Relationship

Valentine’s Day has passed - I spent mine eating cookies, watching Gintama, and playing Divinity: Original Sin. It was a wonderful evening, and it made me realise that I actually have a pretty good repository of co-op games to play with your significant other. Not included on this list is Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime,... Continue Reading →


One Year Games

Pay me! Total War Warhammer 2 was just put up for pre-order on steam. Normally I would tell you all not to pre-order on principle, but this one is special. Total War Warhammer, along with Destiny, are 1 year release games. No longer is simply pre-ordering equivalent to paying for goods before they are delivered.... Continue Reading →

120 Shrines Later

These guys can still go fuck themselves When I wrote my first Zelda piece, I had only just gotten my first Breath of the Wild that is Zelda. Now 2 months later, with 95 hours of gameplay, I have finally completed the main story. I defeated Calamity Ganon, saved the princess (or was saved by the princess),... Continue Reading →

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